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Are CURRENT TRENDS IN TECHNOLOGY complicating your marketing & content strategy?

Technology Catalyst & Marketing Speaker Lori H. Schwartz is a technology futurist who speaks on the impact of technology on marketing and consumer trends.
And BTW… she’s funny!



Renault has commenced a public trial of an autonomous, electric and shared on-demand car service.

Renault is testing an autonomous shared car service that can be hailed using a smartphone @XperienceIF
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Thanks to #AI, the #tech and consulting giant can now predict with 95% accuracy which #employees are likely to leave in the next six months.

The new way your boss can tell if you’re about to #quit your job @XperienceIF
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#Technology is transforming the luxury world as we know it, bringing consumers closer to brands through the use of #ArtificialIntelligence #AugmentedReality and even #VirtualInfluencers.

Are Virtual Influencers the #Future of #Luxury #Retail? @XperienceIF
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