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Are CURRENT TRENDS IN TECHNOLOGY complicating your marketing & content strategy?

Technology Catalyst & Marketing Speaker Lori H. Schwartz is a technology futurist who speaks on the impact of technology on marketing and consumer trends.
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Advertisers, tech giants and border forces are using face tracking software to monitor our moods – whether we like it or not

AI can read your emotions. Should it?
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It's an eco-friendly (and sometimes faster) alternative to delivery cars.

Domino's Will Use E-Bikes to Deliver Pizzas Across the U.S.
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The international robotics competition will be held in mining tunnels below Pittsburgh.

NASA Robots Rove Through Caves for Underground DARPA Competition
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Imagine giving #birth while sitting on a beach or swimming with fish. Researchers are studying whether these, delivered via #VR headsets, can help reduce the #pain of labor and delivery.

Could a #VirtualReality headset be the new #epidural?
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