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Are CURRENT TRENDS IN TECHNOLOGY complicating your marketing & content strategy?

Technology Catalyst & Marketing Speaker Lori H. Schwartz is a technology futurist who speaks on the impact of technology on marketing and consumer trends.
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AI could generate faces that match the expressions of anonymous subjects to grant them privacy—without losing their ability to express themselves.

Deepfakes could anonymize people in videos while keeping their personality @XperienceIF
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While giant #retailers like #Ikea have developed in-house apps featuring #AR, you don’t need to be a big box player to include #AugmentedReality as part of your customer offerings.

#Visulaizing wows with augmented reality @XperienceIF
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By changing the way we view the world and each other, #VirtualReality #technology can help create a more equal reality.

#Virtual equality: How #VR can empower working women #WomenInVR @XperienceIF
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New audio technologies are enriching content in smartphones and enabling new experiences.

Creating new dimensions for content with immersive audio @XperienceIF
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