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Are CURRENT TRENDS IN TECHNOLOGY complicating your marketing & content strategy?

Technology Catalyst & Marketing Speaker Lori H. Schwartz is a technology futurist who speaks on the impact of technology on marketing and consumer trends.
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Manufacturing states are at risk, tourism states are not.

This map shows how vulnerable every state is to a robot takeover
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The startup just unveiled its plan to implant paralyzed patients with electrodes that’ll let them work computers with their minds. First, it’ll have to move beyond mice.

#ElonMusk’s #Neuralink Says It’s Ready for Brain Surgery

Check out an armband that lets you control tech devices with your mind. Think "the Force" from Star Wars.

Move Objects With Your Mind? We're Getting There, With The Help Of An Armband
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NASA has been working on a series of climbing robots to take on different tasks in inhospitable environments.

NASA's Climbing Robots Can Move Through the Slipperiest Environments
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