Digging into the World of Esports and The Blockchain with ReadyUp!

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Digging into the World of Esports and The Blockchain with ReadyUp!

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This week on the Tech Cat Showwe spoke with Roderick Alemania, CEO of ReadyUp, a platform that’s connecting esports and the gaming community. Roderick has long been an entrepreneur at the forefront of content trends and Ready up is a great example of a number of trends coming together: live events, esports, blockchain technology, transparency in data and experiences and digital content as the driver of the experience.

Following are quotes from our conversation.

Full podcast and transcript available.

ReadyUp lets you find and meet gamers you like — and makes it easy to manage your team, stay connected, and improve your game.

There are three pillars to ReadyUp. It’s meet, compete, and get better.


Think about meet as being almost like LinkedIn for competitive gaming, so helping players find teams and teams find players.

This solves for one of the biggest challenges in Esports right now, it’s hard to find people to play with that you like.

Compete is all about team management for all the different logistics of managing an esports team.

It was actually inspired by me being a team manager for my son’s baseball and soccer teams. One of the hardest things when you have a team is to keep it organized. Who’s on the team? When’s practice? Who’s actually showing up?” Most of these esports teams, and there’s a lot of them out there, they’re using the old school way of how I used to manage my kids’ teams.

ReadyUp will serve as operational support for team management.

All the sensibilities mirrors sports, and just as in traditional sports, people want to get better. They want to train. They want to have really cool experiences. ReadyUp will provide the ability to get better, train, or purchase experiences.

we want to do is enable this global marketplace for people to buy coaching services. You could buy coaching services from a really high end pro, or you might find someone who isn’t pro but you look at their ReadyUp profile and you still see that they’re a really talented player and they could help you and improve your game.

Roderick: On the flip side, you might want to purchase an experience.

So we want to create aglobal marketplace where gamers can consume these services, like coaching, or find a really cool experience that they want to consume and purchase it. And this is an actually interesting component where we introduce blockchain.We’re a partner of the #GGProjectFoundation which will govern the token that will be used in our environment.

What we want to do is we want to take this platform, this protocol, and work with other applications outside of #ReadyUp and give them (PLAYERS) the ability to be rewarded for doing high value actions so that’s the earn.

That’s the value to the businesses. Then for the players it’s all about how can they drive income for their passion around gaming.

Gamers understand virtual currency. Let’s treat what we’re doing with the GG token, with the GG Project Foundation, treat it like a virtual currency. Reward people for doing high value actions on ReadyUp. Let’s introduce concepts like value exchange advertising to this token. Where people choose to engage with advertising, they’re rewarded with this token that’s a virtual currency. If they want to consume these awesome experiences they can use the token to transact.

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