Marketing the Blockchain with Tony Winders and Alon Goren

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Marketing the Blockchain with Tony Winders and Alon Goren

This week on The Tech Cat Show…

Finishing up our month of Blockchain, we were joined this week by Tony Winders, CMO and Principal Consultant at The Winders Group, and Alon Goren, Co-Founder of Crowd Invest Summit and CEO of Goren Consulting Group.

Our conversation with them taught us how to market and brand build for blockchain, and gave us the latest trends.

Double the guests means double the insights, but we’ve whittled it down to just four from Tony and Alon:

1) On Launching a New Blockchain Company or Taking One to ICO

Tony: Any time you could have a big audience already built in, that really gives you a leg up because otherwise you’re building brand overnight. And how are you going to do that? And so there is a formula.

2) Marketing New Companies on the Blockchain

TonyMarketing is marketing, and applying it to the blockchain is only slightly different in terms of how we approach certain things. Many of the disciplines, like PR and advertising are very much the same, and email marketing, and Marcom and Corpcom. That stuff is very similar to marketing any tech business.

3) Alon on the Kind of People Involved in Crypto

Alon: Everyone in crypto, especially six months, a year ago, before it was really popular, we’re the smartest people you’ve ever met in anything you do. And so the energy around getting to hang out with people who literally will…almost literally blow your mind with the information they give is just really exciting, and it’s really fun to be around it, and the fact that the markets are kind of nuts, and one day there’s a lot of money. One day you could make a lot of money. It’s just exciting, and so it’s a much different world than the normal venture startup world in that sense. Things move 10 times faster.

4) Why is Everyone Using Telegram?
Alon: It’s a new messaging platform. In my opinion, it’s a not-as-good version of WhatsApp, but because of encryption and because of certain reasons like that, the crypto community has flocked to it. It just kind of became the de facto space where all the bigger deals in the space go. New companies create their own sort of Telegram chat rooms, and so people get together and talk about ideas. Companies have these channels as well, where they might just post any new articles about their company and things like that.

Here, the full interview with Tony Winders and Alon Goren, and for more, find the full transcript of the episode here.

Stay tuned for next week’s theme on The Tech Cat Show!

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