Lori is an incredible speaker. She spoke at our annual Spredfast Summit, and we were completely blown away by her presentation. She captured the audience with timely, interesting and funny stories about the power of social. She has terrific energy and incredible stage presence, which kept the audience engaged throughout her session. She has deep expertise in tech, advertising and entertainment, which gives her a unique lens into emerging trends. As a result, she was able to not only educate, but also entertain, our audience. Lori is truly a tech catalyst – she has a strong perspective on the future, and inspires the audience to join her in bringing about the future of social storytelling.”Bashar Atiyat – Director of Content, International ShowBiz Expo

“Lori is the ultimate Catalyst. She brings a never-ending stream of innovative ideas AND is one of those rare people who takes the ideas all the way through to execution. She is a technology expert who is gifted at simplifying complexity and making the intangible tangible for laymen like me, allowing us to visualize the possibilities and benefits of technology for our brands and businesses. Plus she is fun, funny and never fails to light up a room. Love the Lori”Cathy Saidiner – Worldwide Managing Director & CEO Ogilvy

“Lori is an extremely bright, creative and detailed professional. We worked together a few times where we hired Lori to provide insights and recommendations around the evolving technology space. She provided an expertise for client pitches that was unmatched. Additionally, she provided a team and offering that allowed clients to conduct research and develop actionable recommendations that ended up giving them a business case for additional funding and sales. She is a great person and I would hire her again and/or be happy to work with her again.”Cheryl Gresham – Director, Media at Taco Bell
“Allow me to start with what a fantastic topic well presented, I can’t thank Lori enough for helping with our event, I’m truly honored to have had her on our program. The feedback on her presentation was immensely positive, several attendees, experts and youngsters were literally SHOCKED by the amount of information she covered, and uniqueness of her topic, especially that they’ve never had someone speak on such subject. The organizers MCI & XEITGEIST were thrilled, the film makers were surprised by Lori covered the new technologies and the relationship with the story telling industry.”Meghan Shannon – Director of Brand Communications at Spredfast

“I’ve known and worked with Lori for many years. She is extremely bright and has a strong knowledge base of media, marketing and technology.Yet beyond this deep knowledge base, she has fostered an acumen and sensibility of how they all can and need to work together. Her ability to embrace ever changing consumer habits and understand marketer’s challenging goals is matched by a keen awareness of how media owners and her clients can take this all into account to develop successful strategies and executions.

Her likable, engaging and inquisitive personality make business partners and staff eager to work with Lori who has demonstrated strong leadership skills withing McCann, IPG and especially the industry. Her strategic, conceptual and visionary resources round her out to be a top performer.”Barry Frey – President and CEO at Digital Place-based Advertising Association [DPAA]