#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“Diagnose.Me” – Medical Vertical

Diagnose.me connects clients who seek medical advice to top specialists around the world. Millions of people are deprived of access to quality health care or receive the wrong diagnosis. Misdiagnosis is one of the largest problems in healthcare today. It affects 12 million patients in the US annually and is the second leading cause of death in hospitals. Diagnose.me provides a simple online platform to find a suitable medical specialist, deliver all necessary health information, communicate and receive health advice.

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“Giftry” – Retail, Lifestyle

Giftry is a gift discovery and planning tool. People create wish lists for themselves and their friends and family. Items are then added via a mobile extension, the phone’s camera, a barcode scanner, or Giftry’s curated list of recommendations. Giftry users know exactly what their friends and family want as gifts and can share their own wish list without the awkward conversation.

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“Cary” – Retail, Social Online Marketplace

We believe buying or selling your item should be easy and fun, so we decided to make the process more straightforward, with Cary! as the solution.

Cary! designed a platform which makes the process of buying and selling any item easy and exciting. It’s the ideal place for buyers and sellers to meet and to compare prices and specs of what’s out there in the market.

We believe the process should be as easy and exciting, so we went for a straightforward approach. To create a listing, simply upload item’s information as well a photo from your phone’s camera roll. Browse through the list of items by category, year, model, brand, color and much more through the use of our mobile application.

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“Groovice” – Home Repair, Marketplace

Groovice, (group+service), empowers homeowners and service providers to save money, time, and energy on every home maintenance project.

Groovice is a marketplace for homeowners to get similar home maintenance tasks done together. Our competitive advantage is our ability to remove actual costs from the supply chain. By grouping homeowner demand for similar tasks into concentrated neighborhoods, not only do we reduce service pro drive times and pass on these savings to customers, but we also are able to dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

Everybody wins when you groovice!

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“iuseit” – Retail, Ecommerce

This product information is trusted and valuable, but we believe the social reviewing capabilities may prove equally if not more valuable to our users. Why? Because the opinion of one friend can carry more weight than countless strangers. With its social network integration, iuzeit allows you to view credible opinions from your social connections, and share your own product ratings.

#TCDisruptSF : Microsoft Ventures -“Tuebora” – Enterprise Software

Tuebora is a start-up focused on addressing problems pertaining to Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance from Access perspective. Its Headquarters is in CA, USA and Development Team is in Bangalore, India. It was started by the same people who pioneered Identity Access Governance (IAG). Tuebora’s Identity and Access Management/Governance Solution iGovernance360 is Industry’s first ground-up Cloud based Identity and Access Management/Governance Solution. The solution is offered as a Managed Service for Organizations of all sizes. Tuebora was recognized by Gartner as one of the vendors to watch in their recent research report on Identity and Access Governance (December 2012). In March 2013, Citrix Systems made a strategic investment in Tuebora.

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“Wusic” – Retail, Big Box Disrupter

WUSIC, the Big Box Disruptor, is a new Consumer-to-Business (C2B) platform, allowing consumers to go straight to the manufacturer for the largest savings possible. The C2B business model completely transposes the traditional business-to-consumer (B2C) model, where a business produces product and then looks to market and build consumer demand. In this case, consumer demand dictates supply quantity and price directly from the manufacturer.

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“ozmo” – IOT, Smart Devices, Products

Ozmo, a smart cup and app that can synchronize together or work separately – this depends on your personal preference. Built to record your coffee and water consumption, both the cup and app can track your progress – enabling you to achieve your daily hydration and caffeine goals.

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“marketx” – Finance, Investment Management

Liquidity solution for pre-IPO company shareholders. MarketX is an online platform helping shareholders of pre-IPO companies to find early liquidity and helping investors to invest in hard-to-access private technology companies. We are the first online platform to facilitate direct cross border secondary investments between the U.S. and Asia.

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“Loanaik” – Finance, Mortgage Industry, Crowdfunding

Loanatik.com is a fun and slightly irreverent consumer brand providing residential mortgages to qualified borrowers. The mission of the company is to reimagine the process of getting a mortgage from application through secondary marketing. Their goal is to empower borrowers in a simplified application process, making it easy and efficient to borrow. This is accomplished by using proprietary technology to create a new platform for borrowers – increasing engagement and expediting them through every part of the application, approval, and closing processes.

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“Linqapp” -Linguistics, Translation

Linqapp is committed to helping people all over the world overcome their language barriers. Linqapp is an ambitious attempt to change how people learn languages and get in touch with each other doing so.

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“Retinaid” – Virtual Reality, Analytics, Media, Advertising

Retinad is the First Analytics Platform for Virtual Reality. Developers can sign up for free and start tracking hundreds of data points in less than 5 minutes and no lines of code.

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“Starkey Hearing Tech” -Wearables, Hearing Aids

Starkey is a world leader in the design, development and distribution of comprehensive hearing solutions. As the only privately held and American-owned company in its industry, Starkey Hearing Technologies is recognized across the globe as a premier provider in hearing healthcare.

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“Membit” – Augmented Reality, Photo, LBS

Membit connects people and places through time and space. Membit’s patent pending Human Positioning System(tm) is a breakthrough form of AR.
Website: http://www.membit.co

#TCDisruptSF : Startup Alley -“IONVR” – Virtual Reality, Headset, VR Hardware, Goggles

IonVR uses a custom optical technology system to nearly eliminate motion blur, creating the best available mobile VR experience today. The IonVR team is already actively working on enterprise applications for VR, including medical devices and therapies, real estate, and manufacturing. Theyalso fundamentally believe that VR has the opportunity to connect people even further in their digital, social lives. This opportunity to better the world, to make an impact with new technology, is what drives the IonVR team each day to bring this product to life.