The Tech Cat Show : Ari Popper, The Futurist

This week we get back to the future with Ari Popper, Founder and CEO of SciFutures, a technology, research and foresight agency that use science fiction prototyping to help F500 clients understand the how to evolve their companies for competitive advantage. With over 20 years’ experience in marketing and consumer research, Ari shares how emerging tech, consumer insights, and pain points can come together to drive answers for the future of businesses.

The Tech Cat Show : Hardie Tankersley, The Platformist

This week we chat with one of the smartest guys in TV Technology today, Hardie Tankersley, the VP of Innovation at Fox Broadcasting. Hardie is always looking at new ways to create experiences for audiences leveraging the latest platforms and technology. Direct, honest and in the know, Hardie is always ready to tell you your wrong…and you usually are….join us as we sit down to chat with The Platformist!

The Tech Cat Show: Dayvid Iannaci, The Designing Entrepreneur

This week we chat with a true renaissance man, Dayvid Iannaci , an entrepreneur with over 20 years of interactive experience. Dayvid has been involved in the development of online content since the inception of the internet, and throughout much of his career served as creative director for large and small agencies alike. He is always pushing the envelope with the latest creative platform and surprising all of his clients and colleagues with new tricks up his sleeve that are visually stunning and incredibly business centric. There’s never a dull moment when he’s around. Get ready to owww and ahhh. Join us as we sit down to chat with The Designing Entrepreneur.

Tech Catalyst Radio Show: Sahil Patel, The Reporter

This week we chat with one of the most connected guys in the video content ecosystem, Sahil Patel, the Editorial Director of VideoInk, a hot trade publication exclusively covering the digital video industry, focusing on everything from content and advertising to technology and trends. Sahil is always one step ahead covering the content beat with a wry eye on trends and controversial movements by the players in the space. Smart, Sassy and a great writer, Sahil is the guy to know at any cocktail party if you want the scoop….join us as we sit down to chat with The Reporter!

Tech Catalyst Radio Show: Tim Hanlon, The Advanced TV Ad Guy

This week we talk with Tim Hanlon one of the biggest brains around in the concentric fields of emerging media and digital technology. Tim’s insights into the future of media, advertising and marketing are regularly seen in major electronic, print and trade press outlets and he was the first to yell out, “TV is changing and so is advertising.” I swear, i was there. Join us for some real insider information with Tim Hanlon, The Advanced TV AD Guy

Tech Catalyst Radio Show: Seth Shapiro, The Strategist

This week we chat with a brilliant strategist in the content space, Seth Shapiro. Seth is a two-time Emmy® Award winner, USC Professor and Television Academy Governor, and has worked with some of the world’s most innovative companies including DirectTV, Verizon, and Intel. He’s launched over 25 services online, on television and on mobile. And as an expert on the future of communications and technology, Seth is invited to speak all over the world. It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff this guy knows….your gonna have your mind blown as we sit down to talk with The Strategist

The Tech Catalyst Radio Show: Liz Heller, The Alchemist

This week we chat with one of the top Marketing and Social Media experts around, Liz Heller. Liz is a widely recognized media innovator and entertainment industry pioneer, whose award-winning career spans film, music and technology. Liz works with global brands such as TOMS, Pepsi, and JoinRED to weave their brands into communities, consciousness and ultimately influence consumer lifestyles. She is a proponent of leveraging new technology and trends into the constantly evolving digital sphere. You’ll won’t believe how much you’ll learn when you sit down to chat with The Alchemist


This week we chat with Alan Schulman, VP Global Digital Marketing and Brand Content at SapientNitro, a top marketing and consulting company that provides business, marketing, and technology services to clients. Alan is a true renaissance man, having worked at the intersection of creative and technology for years, leading major brands, agencies and technologies companies into the future. Alan is a true hyphenate part Creative Director part Strategist and part Technologist. He was one of the very first senior executives at a major advertising holding company to recognize the impact that emerging technologies were going to have on brands and how that was going to impact that brand’s storytelling. A jazz guitarist and father of four, so much talent in one man, you are going to love hearing from The Creative.

The Tech Catalyst Show: Jodie McAfee, The Interactive TV Guy

This week we chat with another media smartie, Jodie McAfee. Jodie has over 20 years of experience in television programming and advertising, fighting the fight to advance new television platforms and their ad models. Jodie has worked at a number of companies operationalizing the advanced television ecosystem and has provided advanced media services for companies like Microsoft, Verizon Fios and Echostar/Dish Network. He’s lived in Denver, London and now NY, working hard to make TV interactive and cool…ya gotta love a guy who won’t give up. Join us for some great war stories and hey, he’s a foodie so maybe he’ll share some tips…we’re gonna love chatting with the Interactive TV Guy.

The Tech Cat Show: Top Tech Trends 2015

Coming to you straight from her Thanksgiving Weekend, Lori H. Schwartz, Technology Catalyst, takes you through some of the top technology trends impacting your business for 2015. Learn, laugh and get smart about your business with some tech trend smarts.

The Tech Catalyst Show: Raquel Krouse, The Social Media Strategist

This week we chat with another media smartie, Raquel Krouse, of SandRock Strategy. Raquel was one of the first people on the planet, i mean it!!!… to recognize that social media needed to be operationalized for brands and while working with a variety of agencies within the Interpublic Group of companies, she helped to construct full-service digital marketing capabilities for social media, offering analysis, strategy and execution. Raquel also has alot of experience and knowledge working with pharmaceutical, healthcare, education and travel & hospitality companies. You’ll have alot of fun hearing how she wrestles the beast of social media with tips and trends to get your groove on. Join us for the real stories behind how to manage your social programs with ‘The Social Media Strategist’

The Tech Cat Show: Arthur Greenwald, The Digital Curmudgeon

This week we chat with a well known writer, producer and orator in the media space, Arthur Greenwald, of Greenwald Media Inc. Arthur works with a variety of industry event organizations, broadcast clients and journalists to help guide thought leadership in the area of broadcast and digital media. He’s a baker, a dog lover but also a well known Curmudgeon in terms turning off the hype and landing the space in what’s really happening in the content business.

The Tech Cat Show: Brian Seth Hurst, The Storyteller Returns

Brian Seth Hurst – Managing Partner, StoryTech
Brian takes us through content trends for 2015. If you need to understand the world of storytelling, Brian’s your man.

The Tech Cat Show: Mark Kapczynski – The Venture Capitalist Dude

This week we chat with Mark Kapczynski, CEO and CO-Founder of Location X, a consultant and strategic business development advisor who works with corporations, start-ups and venture capital / private equity firms. Mark is a serial entrepreneur, always working on businesses that capitalizes on the latest tech and consumer trends. More importantly, he’s a fantastic foody and knows more about Vine and Vodka then any other person i know. He’s smart, he’s sophisticated, you’ll learn what’s important to be focusing on in today’s disruptive business environment, join us for a chat with the Venture Capitalist Dude.

The Tech Cat Show: Kevin Winston- The Networker

This week we chat with one of the most connected men in the digital entertainment space, Kevin Winston. Kevin is founder of Digital LA, the LA based networking group of professionals in digital entertainment as well as founder of Silicon Beach, one of the largest Tech, startup, conferences in California. Kevin was recently named one of “12 Entrepreneurs That Are Changing LA Forever” in Forbes magazine and is always everywhere doing everything. He is a graduate of Harvard, Yale and has the most extensive red shirt collection of any man i know. If you know this guy, your done….let’s sit down to talk with The Networker.

The Tech Cat Show: Bettina Sherick, The Strategic Marketer

This week we chat with Bettina Sherick, a digital marketing pioneer who oversaw 20th Century Fox’s International digital marketing efforts for14 years, first with the home entertainment group, and then for the film side of the house. At Fox she oversaw over 100+ international digital marketing campaigns, including blockbusters such as THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, LIFE OF PI, the entire X-MEN franchise and THE SIMPSONS MOVIE, the latter of which won the Webby Award and People’s Voice Webby Award. Bettina also mentors young women in the entertainment and marketing industry, and enjoys public speaking and guest lecturing at the universities around town. She is bold and audacious and can chat SciFi with the best of them. Prepare to be inspired by The Strategic Digital Marketer.

The Tech Cat Show, Amber J. Lawson, The Producing Philanthropist

This week we chat with Amber J. Lawson, a ‘super connector’ in the content industry who combines experience as a top producer of platform appropriate long & short form content with a hands-on knowledge of digital media business. But more then just being a digital smarty, Amber J. focuses much of her energy on social good activities. As CEO of COMEDY GIVES BACK, a social benefit enterprise uniting traditional & digital native comics across platforms to raise money for good causes, Amber J. uses her producing savvy to make the world a better place. She’s funny, has more energy then my 5 year old and is the most connected gal in hollywood, let’s sit down with the Producing Philanthropist.

The Tech Catalyst Show: Mark Kapczynski, The Venture Capitalist Dude

This week we chat again Mark Kapczynski, CEO and CO-Founder of Location X, a consultant and strategic business development advisor who works with corporations, start-ups and venture capital / private equity firms. Today we chat about tech fever as it relates to VC’s and how easy and hard it is to get funded. We’ll talk about what tech trends are real and what aren’t and how you can navigate it all. Come join us for another insightful chat with the Venture Capitalist Dude.

The Tech Cat Show, Erik Huberman, The Outsourced CMO

This week I’m going to dig hard into the sexy trends around content and commerce and how they are deeply intertwined. After all, I am a professional shopper. We’ll be chatting with the fabulous Erik Huberman, CEO of Hawke Media, who has been involved with the execution and delivery of consumer facing ecommerce companies for the last 7 years. Erik’s company offers custom tailored media and marketing solutions for their client without them needing to commit to long term contracts or crazy budgets. It’s a new model in the agency services world. And boy do they deliver! Erik has worked with Verizon, Bally’s, Redbull and Evite to name a few. It’s literally annoying how smart this guy is…For the inside scoop, you’ll love hearing from the ‘outsourced CMO’

The Tech Cat Radio Show: Daniel Tibbets, The Producer

Join us as we talk with Daniel Tibbets, Senior Vice President Digital Media for Bunim/Murray Productions who is developing short-form programming for the web, mobile devices and other online and connected device distribution platforms. Daniel has lots of insights to share with 20 years of entertainment development, programming and producing experience.

The Tech Cat Show: Brian Seth Hurst The Storyteller

For the inaugural Tech Cat Podcast, join Lori as she chats with renown multi-platform storyteller and managing partner of StoryTech™, Brian Seth Hurst, as he dives into the exciting world of community and fan participation in the modern world of content creation.

The Tech Cat Show: Eric Thompson, The Branded Content Fellow

Eric Thompson is Founder and Lead Consultant at b2a advisors where he works with partners and clients focused on everything from creative product and platform development, to original programming and content distribution, what doesn’t this guy do! Eric has a keen understanding of how all the players and pieces come together in this exciting age where content rules and brands have great stories to tell. Eric worked at some small companies like Intel Corporation and Microsoft’s MSN and Xbox Divisions. While at Xbox Eric did alot of cool stuff that you’ll hear about and yes, he’s a great gamer. Let’s take a moment to chat with the Branded Content Fellow.