The death of the word “vendor”

Gone are the days of farming out projects to a contractor. With agencies reshaping how they provide value to clients and technology exploding at mind-blowing rates, marketers are finding partners with whom they will work closely for years in order to create impactful and meaningful content. Agencies can’t do everything themselves, and a contrary mentality often leads ill-executed campaigns. The most successful modern agencies are reaching out to find partners skilled in specific areas. Emerging technology, video production, and content marketing are just a few of the specific long-term partnerships your agency should be seeking out — not farming out.

The death of traditional demographics

These days, traditional demographics are only one piece of the puzzle. There are a multitude of other ingredients that factor in to the marketing recipe, and if you aren’t embracing them your campaign will take a big hit. Lori H. Schwartz, managing partner at StoryTech tells us what other key points you need to consider when formulating your plan of attack.

3 things that are threatened by the changing agency landscape

Lori Schwartz, managing partner at StoryTech, speaks to iMedia about these changes and why agencies need to guide their clients through this chaos now more than ever.

Here is your digital disruption mantra

Lori H. Schwartz, managing partner at StoryTech, speaks to iMedia about her experience at the iMedia Agency Summit and the key takeaways she believes you should know with regards to the disruption of the marketing industry.

The problem with programmatic

Lori H. Schwartz is an expert when it comes to the convergence of technology and storytelling. As the managing partner at StoryTech, she is immersed in solutions for navigating this landscape. Here are her thoughts on dangers to avoid as programmatic becomes mainstream.