Interview with John Durham

Tech Cat Interview with John Durham   Lori: Hello, you crazy and wacky, wild audience. This is Lori H. Schwartz, the Tech Cat, coming to you with tech trends impacting your business, and today we have a really exciting show. We have one of my favorite people, I think in the whole world and it’s a big world, Mr. John … Read More

Interview with Jim Louderback

Tech Cat Interview with Jim Louderback   Lori: Hello, everybody, and welcome to the Tech Cat Show. It’s so great to be here. Tech trends impacting your business. And as always I’m bringing you fabulous guests who give you insights about what’s happening our world, and today is no different. We have the fabulous Jim Louderback, who I’m calling The … Read More

Interview with Jacquie Barnbrook

Tech Cat Interview with Jacquie Barnbrook     Lori: Ladies and gentlemen, I am coming to you live from San Francisco, where I’m hanging out with some fabulous clients and doing all sorts of cool technology talking, taking a little break to dial in to the Tech Cat Show; and I have with me, coming from Los Angeles, California, the … Read More

Interview with Gil Elbaz

Tech Cat Interview with Gil Elbaz   Lori: Hello, everybody. So, how’s it going today? From the Tech Cat Show we are very excited to be getting into data conversations today, and, of course, big data is a big hyped buzzword, and everybody’s writing about it, reading about it, hearing about, but what we’re going to do today is attempt … Read More

Interview with Chris Pizzurro

Tech Cat Interview with Chris Pizzurro   Lori: Hello, everybody, and welcome to the Tech Cat Show. We are recording this week in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is one of the biggest technology-trend shows out there, and seeing a lot of old friends, including today’s guest, the fabulous Chris Pizzurro from Canoe Ventures, and we’re going … Read More

Interview with Ari Popper

Tech Cat Interview with Ari Popper   Lori: Welcome. Welcome to this week’s Tech Cat Show. Wow, we have a pretty rowdy crowd out there today. It’s a little cooler in Las Angeles, perfect timing to get back into the future with this week’s guest who’s the fabulous Ari Popper who is truly a futurist. Ari is the founder and … Read More

Interview with Amber J. Lawson

Tech Cat Interview with Amber J. Lawson   Lori: Hello, everybody, and welcome to the Tech Cat Show. It’s a chilly December as we all get prepared for the holidays, and I think it’s very fitting that we talk a little bit today about social good; that is, organizations that are helping charities get the word out and do things … Read More